Guidelines for ILR Sanctioned Miniature Llama Classes

Guidelines for ILR-SD Miniature Llama Classes

The purpose of the Miniature Class is to afford the Miniature Llama the opportunity to be shown and judged with like kind. All Miniature Llamas entered into these classes have been bred to meet the AMLA standards or are llamas that the owner(s) feel will mature to miniature size.

Requisites for Llamas to show in Miniature Classes:

The Llama must be registered with the ILR.

  1. The Llama must measure the following measurements at the withers to compete:
    • Juvenile Class – 35 inches & under
    • Yearling Class – 36 inches & under
    • 2 Year Old Class – 37 inches & under
    • Mature Class – 38 inches & under
  2. The Llama must be presented to the Show Superintendent at the designated time, which is to be well in advance of the start of the Miniature Llama Classes. This would provide the Llama an opportunity to be moved to a regular class if they measure over the height requirements. It is preferred that the measurement is taken on a solid even surface when available. A member of the Board of Directors of AMLA or an AMLA member will assist the Show Superintendent in verifying measurements 

Halter Classes:

AMLA recognizes that the ILR Show Division is setting the standard for the future of the Llama show world. The following description of fiber and age divisions is given as examples based on the 2007 show industry’s standards. AMLA requests that the ILR Show Division adjust the division description to mirror those of the standard size Llama’s within the ILR’S Show Division.

Fiber Divisions

  1. Fiber classes are to parallel those of the standard Llama: light, medium, heavy and suri.
  2. Show Superintendents may chose which classes are offered based on necessity. 
  3. Fiber classes may be combined if entries in individual classes are insufficient to provide competition.

Breeder - Sex and Age Divisions

Male classes are for intact males.
Female classes are for fertile, breeding females.
Under no circumstances will male and female classes be combined.

Age Divisions:

  • Juvenile: 5 to12 months
  • Yearling: 12 to 24 months
  • Two Year Old: 24 to 36 months
  • Mature: 36 months and older
  • At the Show Superintendent’s discretion, age divisions may be combined if there are fewer than two (2) Llamas in any age division; that is, if there are only two juvenile females they may be combined with yearlings. 

Non-Breeders Divisions:

  • There are no sex divisions for non-breeders.
  • Males must be gelded or have had a vasectomy.
  • Females must be spayed or are non-reproductive.
  • A veterinarian certificate of breeding status is required.
  • Age Divisions:
    • 18 to 36 months
    • 36 months and older

Performance Classes:
There are no separate Performance Classes under the Miniature Llama Classes. Miniature Llamas will compete in the regular Performance Classes.  Miniature llamas up to 36 months must wear packs in the Trail/Pack Classes. May use day packs, no weight, panniers filled out. Mini llamas over 36 months must also wear packs. May use saddles and day lunch panniers or day packs, no weight, panniers filled out.
Jump height for mini llamas will be the same requirement as that of the standard llama. 

Judging Standards:
Miniature Llamas are to be judged utilizing the same criteria as that of standard llamas: correctness in conformation, movement and balance.  When deciding a tie between two equally proportionate Llamas, credit should be given to the smaller llama for the age. To aid the judge, it is recommended that llamas enter the show ring in reverse order, oldest first.

Guidelines for ALSA Miniature Llama Classes

Section 11. Miniature Llama Classes

All llamas must be measured before entering the show ring for a miniature class. AMLA BOD or AMLA members will assist the show
superintendent with measuring. Only ILR-registered llamas measuring 38 inches or less at the withers may be shown in a miniature class.
In addition, after January 1st 2010, only AMLA registered immature or mature minis will be permitted to show in a miniature class. Show
supervisors will check the ILR/AMLA registration certificate to verify.

Halter classes:
Wool Divisions

There is no separate division for wool classes at this time.

Sex and Age Division

  • Male classes are for intact males.
  • Female classes are for fertile, breeding females.
  • Sex and Age divisions may not be combined in any manner

Age divisions

  • Juvenile – 5 to 12 months
  • Yearling – 12 to 24 months
  • Two Year old – 24 to 36 months
  • Mature – 36 months and older

Judging criteria
Miniature llamas should be judged on the same general criteria as large llamas; correctness of conformation, movement and balance.

When deciding a tie between equally proportionate llamas, credit should be given to the smaller llama for the age to aid the judge, the AMLA recommends that llamas enter the show ring in reverse age order (oldest first).

At show management’s discretion, if there are fewer than three (3) llamas in any age division, age divisions may be combined; that is, if there are fewer than three (3) juvenile females, they may combine with yearling females, and so on. Under no circumstances will males and females be combined.

Performance Classes
Performance should be shown with the regular class under alpaca rules for the lighter weights (10lb) acknowledging the smaller carrying capacity of a miniature.