Miniature Llama Specifiations

To be registered by the AMLA, the llama must meet the Association's standard for miniature llamas. The Registry is open to all llamas meeting those standards. Upon determination that a llama being submitted for registration meets the established standards, genealogical information is entered into the Association's database and a certificate of registration is issued. The procedures for tracking ownership, breeding records, transfers and death of registered llamas is similar to that of the International Llama Registry.

To register your llamas with the AMLA - read the following information and complete the AMLA Registration Form.


Registering Your Llama with the ALMA

Fees for registration are as follows:

  • Initial Registration:
    • $10 for AMLA member
    • $15 for non-AMLA members
  • Immature Upgrade:
    • $6 for AMLA members
    • $11 for non-AMLA members

Any transfer submitted 90 days after purchase date will incur additional ILR charges.

Owners and llama's names:  Llamas will only be registered in the owner’s name that appears as “OWNER” on the ILR certificate that accompanies the application.  The name of the llama must be the same as that on the ILR certificate.  The ILR owner’s code is used by AMLA as an identification code for the AMLA registry.

Change in status:   Change of ownership or reporting the death of an animal is done by completing the appropriate section on the back of the registration certificate and sending it to the ILR office.  Upon receipt of new ownership information, a new certificate will be issued.  Death of an animal will be noted in AMLA's database.  

Registration Fees​

A llama may be registered in one of three classifications:
1. Miniature Llama - Llamas three years of age or older that measure no more than 38 inches at the withers may be registered as miniature llamas.
2. Miniature Foundation - Female llamas that are used in a breeding program for producing miniature llamas, that measure 38.1 to 40 inches, may be registered as foundation miniatures. This standard was set by the Association in recognition that height is a genetic trait and breeding down is a realistic approach to developing miniature llamas.
3. Immature Status - A llama under 3 years of age and of the appropriate height may be registered as a immature mini llama only if it's mother is either a registered mature or foundation mini llama and the father is a registered mature mini llama. 

A  llama can be registered as a miniature any time after registration with the International Llama Registry. However, final miniature status is granted only to animals three years of age or older. Immature Status:  A llama under 3 years of age may be registered only if its mother is a registered, mature, mini llama or the mother is registered foundation mini and the father is a registered mini llama